Eagan's July 4th Funfest

After news broke that the 50-year-old community tradition would come to an end, the Funfest came back with a bang.

Situation: In 2016, after 50 years, Eagan’s 4th of July Funfest announced that it was unlikely that they'd be continuing the 2-day carnival event the following year. After careful deliberation, the board decided against ending the event and agreed to work on it for one more year in 2017. However, the possibility of the event ending received a ton of press so they needed to a.) inform the public that the Funfest would be coming “Back with A Bang” and b.) recoup the excitement (and attendance) amongst a community that thought their yearly Independence Day tradition was no more.

Solution: Develop 6-week social media strategy leading up to the event. Spark excitement for the event and keep it at the top of the community's minds with regular posting, as well as community management on social media. Take a modest budget of $300 to create awareness with Facebook ads.

Outcome:  32,434 people reached across all posts in 6 weeks, 10,109 event responses on Facebook, 97% increase in Facebook page followers.