This is the happiest day of your life, let’s make it the most beautiful, too.



Wow, you’re here. That is frickin’ awesome because it means you’re actually considering including me in your matrimonial festivities, even if only a teeny bit. Yay!

So you’re getting married (congrats!) and you need someone like me there with a camera because “pics or it didn’t happen” is a very real thing.

If you grant me the huge privilege of being your wedding photographer, here is what you’ll get:

  • 2 photographers (I always have a second shooter with me, and not just because I don’t want to eat alone)

  • 10 hours of non-stop wedding fun (aka photo coverage, just so we’re clear)

  • 400 finished photos, at minimum

  • An online gallery of high resolution photos

  • A flash drive with your photos as a back-up (because $#!% happens)

  • 1 year guaranteed back up on my hard drive (because, again, $#!% happens)

  • Travel included within 50 miles of the Twin Cities

Investment: $1450 for 10 hours


If you still have questions or are 100% ready to collab on the sickest wedding of 2019, this is the form for you — let’s chat!

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